Barb Wire (1996) Polygram

Pamela Anderson stars in the title role in this tale of a futuristic bar owner who accepts mercenary jobs on the side in the only non-dictator-controlled city in the nation. She’s always available to the highest bidder until an old flame comes along and reignites her faith in mankind. This high-tech thriller, based on a popular comic book, is available in rated and unrated versions.


Directed by: David Hogan

Producers:? Mike Richardson, Brad Wyman, Todd Moyer

Executive Producer:?Peter Heller

Associate Producers:?Dennis Brody, Ray Manzella

Writing Credits:?Ilene Chaiken, Chuck Pfarrer


Based on the Dark Horse comic book created by Chris Warner



Pamela Anderson (as Pamela Anderson Lee): Barb Wire/Barbara Kopetski

Temuera Morrison: Axel Hood

Victoria Rowell: Cora D/Corrina Devonshire

Jack Noseworthy: Charlie Kopetski

Xander Berkeley: Alexander Willis

Udo Kier: Curly

Andre Rosey Brown: Big Fatso

Clint Howard: Schmitz

Jennifer Banko: Spike

Steve Railsback: Colonel Pryzer