The Mask (1994) New Line Cinema

Boring bank account officer Stanley Ipkiss—your average pushover nice guy—is tired of kowtowing to his know-nothing boss and being rejected by attractive women. But just before he decides to end it all, Stanley is transformed from spineless accountant to jiving zoot-suited hellion when he discovers the superhuman powers of an ancient wooden mask he finds floating in the river. With the mask, Stanley’s got the courage to do everything he’s ever dreamed of, including wooing blond bombshell Tina Carlyle, a torch singer at the swanky nightclub Coco Bongo. Too bad Tina’s caught up with mobster Dorian Tyrell, a brutal villain planning to rob Stanley’s bank and take over the city. Now it’s up to Stanley to rid the besieged metropolis of Tyrell.


Directed by: Charles Russell

Producer:?Robert Engelman

Executive Producers: Michael De Luca, Mike Richardson, Charles Russell

Associate Producers:?Ann Burgund, Carla Fry

Writing Credits:?Michael Fallon, Mark Verheiden, Mike Werb


Based on the Dark Horse comic book created by Mike Richardson



Jim Carrey: Stanley Ipkiss/The Mask

Peter Riegert: Lt. Mitch Kellaway

Peter Greene: Dorian ?Tyrell

Amy Yasbeck: Peggy Brandt

Richard Jeni: Charlie Schumaker

Orestes Matacena: Niko

Tim Bagley: Irv?Ripley

Nancy Fish: Mrs. Peenman

Johnny Williams: Burt?Ripley

E. Cathey (as Reginald E. Cathey): Freeze

Jim Doughan: Doyle

Denis Forest: Sweet Eddy

Cameron Diaz: Tina Carlyle