Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot (1999-2000) Fox

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Created by the government to fight world-threatening peril, Big Guy was the world’s first artificially intelligent robot . . . or so the government wanted us to believe. But Big Guy was really just a supersuit with a man inside, who also posed as Big Guy’s mechanic. Years later, Big Guy finds himself replaced by an enthusiastic young robot named Rusty who actually has AI, as well as the mind and personality of a ten-year-old. But when saving the world proves too hard for Rusty, Big Guy is called out of retirement. Now he must show the young robot the ropes.


Based on the Dark Horse comic series by Frank Miller and Geof Darrow

26 episodes (1999-2000)

Directed by:
Nathan Chew, Michael Goguen, Frank Squillace

Executive Producers:
Richard Raynis, Mike Richardson

Writing Credits:
Geof Darrow, Eddie Guzelian, Steven Melching, Frank Miller, David Slack, Alexx Van Dyne

Pamela Segall: Rusty, the Boy Robot/Jo (voice)
Jonathan David Cook: Big Guy (voice)
Jim Hanks: Dwayne Hunter (voice)
Gabrielle Carteris: Dr. Erika Slate (voice)
Stephen Root (I): Dr. Donovan (voice)
Kathy Kinney: Jenny the Monkey (voice)
Clancy Brown: Legion Ex Machina 1-5 (voice)
Nancy Cartwright: Additional Voices (1999- ) (voice)
R. Lee Ermey: General Thorton (voice)
Dean Haglund: Dr. Gilder/Legion Ex Machina 6 (voice)
Helen Kalafatic: Cashier (voice)
Kevin Michael Richardson: Garth (voice)
M. Emmet Walsh: Mack (voice)