30 Days of Night (2007) Sony Pictures

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In a small Alaskan town, thirty days of night is a natural phenomenon. Very few outsiders visit, until a band of bloodthirsty, deathly pale vampires mark their arrival by savagely attacking sled dogs. But soon they find there are much more satisfying thirst quenchers about: human beings. One by one, the townspeople succumb to a living nightmare, but a small group survives—at least for now. The vampires use the dark to their advantage, and surviving this cold hell is a game of cat and mouse—and screams.

Directed by:
David Slade

Executive Producers:
Joseph Drake, Aubrey Henderson, Mike Richardson

Sam Raimi, Robert G. Tapert

Writing Credits:
Stuart Beattie, Brian Nelson, Steve Niles

Based on the comic book created by Steve Niles

Josh Hartnett – Sheriff Eben Oleson
Melissa George – Stella Oleson
Danny Huston – Marlow
Ben Foster – The Stranger
Mark Boone Junior – Beau Brower
Mark Rendall – Jake Oleson
Amber Sainsbury – Denise
Manu Bennett – Deputy Billy Kitka